Water Savings

Millions of litres of water is wasted every single day, for an example taps being left on. Most businesses will have water meters fitted, so for any business water usage is a major consideration on the overall cost of their utilities.

At CGU we provide water flow control solutions, ideal for businesses such as ,Fitness Centres,Caravan Parks, Airports, Nursing/Residential Homes and Hotels. Flow control solutions are designed to enhance the performance of taps and shower heads and can reduce water consumption by up to 50% or more.

If we take a shower unit as an example, our water regulators are fitted within the shower hose. This regulates the water pressure before entering the shower heads. This restricts the amount of water that is bypasses through the shower head whilst retaining the water pressure. Enabling you to use less water, thus saving on your water bill every single month. This is a much more cost effective method that replacing your shower heads/units

The added benefit is  Electricity/Gas consumption is reduced as less water will be required to be heated. This in turn will reduce Sewage charges & CO2 emissions. Making both product environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

Our partner manufactures are WRAS registered, which is the recognised standard by the industry and Ofwat.