How much will it cost me to use the services of CG Utilities?

C G Utilities receives a low commission from the appointed electricity or gas supplier; this means that C G Utilities will not send you an invoice.

What information do I need to provide?

We would like to receive a copy of an Electricity and Gas invoice for each of your sites, this has all the relevant information including the M Pan and MPR numbers which enable us to provide accurate quotations for your Energy contracts.

Under the data protection Legislation we shall require an authority document, we shall provide this form for completion.

Why should I use C G Utilities?

As independent brokers we have access to the whole energy market, we can offer impartial advice on all aspects of energy purchasing and management, including gas and electricity prices, energy contracts and other energy services. C G Utilities will oversea the contract and ensure the first invoice from the supplier is correct, we will monitor the whole contract and at renewal time we will issue cancellation notices in good time to ensure you are free to leave your existing supplier should the need arise, this will also eliminate “Roll Over Rates: being applied to your account.

Can you Guarantee Savings?

We always get the very best prices, but it does depend on where the wholesale market price was when your last contract was negotiated.

How long will it take to make the Change?

It can take five to six weeks, however C G Utilities will work with the supplier to ensure this process is undertaken as soon as possible.

To ensure the process goes smoothly we recommend you take your meter reading on the contract start date. This will help stop any billing issues from either you old or new supplier. We also recommend you take regular readings, as this can also help with energy management.

P272/P300 Regulation. What does this mean to our company?

Under new regulations, all businesses using electricity meters profile 05-08 must use automated meters

P272 is a mandatory industry-wide change instigate by OFGEN for the Half Hourly (HH) Settlement of profile classes 5-8 that have capable metering in place. i.e. where AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) meters are fitted. Settlement is a process by which Electricity volumes are allocated to suppliers.

The change is to be implemented by 1st April 2017; AMR meters are able to record consumption in each half-hour giving more precise data on customer’s usage. The change requires that suppliers use this data to settle profile class 5-8 meters rather than a pre-determined industry-wide forecast. This data can also be used for billing which means customers invoices will better reflect the cost of their energy.

The obligatory change is industry-wide and will be implemented by all suppliers.

What do I need to do to comply?

Before 1st April 2017 you will need to appoint a meter operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) C G Utilities can arrange both these services.

C G Utilities has long term relationships with MOP and DC suppliers; we can negotiate the very best rates for both services.

If you require any further information please contact us